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End of Spring Semester 2017 Announcement:

May 1, 2018, marked the last day to check out equipment for the Spring semester without faculty approval. On behalf of all of us here at the SoC Production Equipment Room, I’d like to congratulate everyone on the successful completion of the Spring Semester and the end of the 2017 – 2018 Academic Year.

Just a few reminders: 

Starting May 2nd any equipment checkouts will require faculty approval.

The last day to checkout with faculty approval will be Tuesday May 8th and all equipment must be returned by Thursday May 10th.

The reservation site is currently shut down for the summer. Once approved for any checkout during finals week, we will assist you in making your reservation online. 

All late fees, and fees for lost or damaged equipment must also be paid in full by Thursday May 10th

The Equipment Room will be closed for inventory May 14th – May 18th

Any Approved Summer checkouts will be scheduled for May 21 or thereafter.  See Summer Policy below:

Summer Checkout Policy:

The SoC Production Equipment Room has limited summer hours and very limited staffing.  Our primary summer duties are the support of Summer Session Classes, Summer Camps, and Workshops on an as needed basis.  May – August are spent getting quotes for new equipment, repairing existing equipment, doing inventory, reconciling inventory with our reservation system database and making sure all kits are complete with their kit components.  We also receive, unpack and build new equipment which then must be barcoded and added to our equipment reservation system.     

All APPROVED Summer checkouts are scheduled by Admin with faculty approval if registered for a summer course or the approval of the project's supervising faculty member and Department Chair if not registered for a summer course. 

The reservation site is currently shut down for the summer. 

Once approved for any summer checkout, we will assist you in making your reservation online for the time period of SUMMER SESSION C-2018 (May 21st - Aug 10th)   

Once again on behalf of all of us here in the SoC Production Equipment Room, Congratulations and Have a Happy and Safe Summer!




Equipment is for class assignments and approved independent projects