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  • Mon-Fri 9:00am - 5:30pm
  • Checkouts begin at 10AM
  • 5pm Latest time to begin checkout

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Happy New Year and Welcome back! We hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable winter break.  The SoC Production Equipment Room will begin checking out equipment again for Spring 2020, on January 21.  In order to have your booking permissions activated for Spring 2020, you must currently be enrolled in a production course. Your professor must have submitted the class roll and approved you to begin production.  We must also have a signed copy of the SoC Production Agreement Form on file.  If you are working on a UMTV show, we will need an updated crew list from your faculty/staff advisor.

Have a great Semester.


The Top 20 Things to know about the SoC Production Equipment Room 
SOC Production Equipment Room Located in Rm 1001 Wolfson Building

Hours of operation and Check Out & Check In Times:


MONDAY – FRIDAY 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

  Checkouts begin at 10AM

  5pm Latest time to begin a checkout

·         The contact info for SoC Production Equipment Room is Tel: 305-284-3864 Tod Landess, Production Equipment Supervisor, & Chris Briggs,

·         All equipment must be reserved a day in advance at

·         To have booking permissions, you must be currently enrolled in a production course. If you are not registered for a course you must be approved by the project or show’s supervising faculty member and or Department Chair.

·         Check Out Cycles are for 48 hours or 4 day weekends. Mon-Wed; Tue-Thur; Wed-Fri; Thur-Mon; Fri-Tue

·         No back to back reservations, reservations must be for non-consecutive check out cycles. You cannot check-in equipment in the morning and check out again in the afternoon or next day. However, extensions are available with permission of faculty and equipment room managers.

·         If you do not pick up your reservation at the scheduled time it will be cancelled after 2 hours! All Reservations made for between 3:30 - 5 pm will be cancelled if user does not show up by 5pm.

·         If you do not pick up your reservation without cancelling in advance your account may be temporarily suspended.

·         You are personally responsible for all equipment that you check out and agree to pay any imposed fees for lost and or/damaged equipment. Late fees are $2 per hour, $10 per day. Any equipment not returned within 5 business days after the due date will result in an account suspension of a week or more and may be charged in full to the patron.

·         If items are lost or missing, equipment privileges will be revoked until that item is returned, replaced or a payment plan has been approved by the Department Chair and Production Equipment Supervisor.

·         1 Camera per student or project/ per checkout

·         Constant late returns will result in suspension of equipment privileges

·         Test equipment before leaving the Equipment room, any issues sustained after that will be on the responsibility of the student

·         The Equipment Room is not responsible for any personal items left in equipment bags

·         The Parking Department has created a Pay By Phone (PBP) location code for the loading zone area used by students to pick-up/drop-off equipment. The code is (330422). Download the PBP app. Enter the code provided and it will allow you to park free for 30 minutes only while you pick-up/drop-off equipment.



All students must read The Top 20 Things to know about the SoC Production Equipment Room and sign the SoC PRODUCTION AGREEMENT FORM